Darling Residence
Smoky Mountains, NC
9,000s. f.

The Darling residence was built in the natural confines of a meadow protected by a forest. Situated on a mountainside with dramatic views of the Smoky Mountains, the house is inspired by native folklore. The sanctity of this area has been recognized since it was inhabited by the Cherokee Indians. Inspiration was drawn from many sources, including the owner's affinity for southwest regionality and Japanese details.

Hot water for domestic use and the radiant stone floors throughout the house are provided by a super efficient multi-fuel boiler.  Solar collectors heat the water for the rectangular indoor pool with a retractable cover which controls moisture. The warm body of pool water functions as the radiant heat source for the space. Air quality and moisture are further controlled with a fresh air heat recovery system linked to domestic exhaust.

Granularly mixed expanded polystyrene insulated concrete blocks form the foundation and wall structure. Stucco plaster was directly applied each side.

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